Strapping one of the latest pieces of smart technology to your child’s wrist makes more sense than you might think these days. In an age brimming with potential threats and reasons to worry about your youngsters, the right GPS tracking smartwatch can allow you to monitor your child’s location in real-time, and even let them call for help in an emergency.

A smartwatch for your kid goes a long way to ensuring their safety. With a smartwatch on your child, you’ll have peace of mind knowing their exact location thanks to GPS tracking, so you’ll be able to keep tabs on their whereabouts at all times. With that said, there are plenty of smartwatches for kids to choose from, so before we dive into our top picks for smartwatches for your child, let’s first cover some things you need to know before considering one.

Even though this guide covers mostly smartwatches, you should know that you don’t necessarily need a smartwatch for your child to have GPS tracking capabilities. If you are not comfortable giving your child a smartwatch, we’ll have some options in this guide for GPS tracking devices that don’t have a screen so that you don’t have to worry about it being a distraction in school.

With that said, smartwatches allow for SOS Alerts and Two-way calling. This is paramount should your child find themselves in a dangerous situation. Smartwatches with these features will allow your child to quickly and easily send out an emergency signal to you or other family members. With a smartwatch, your child can also give you a call with Two-way calling, with some even being capable of video calls. You also don’t have to worry about your child getting calls from strangers, and these calls are only meant for a few select contacts, such as family members.

For smartwatches with calling features, you’ll be required to have an active SIM card in the device. This means that you’ll need to shell out an additional data plan for that SIM card, ranging between $5 – $10 per month. This is usually charged along with your phone bill, or paid in advance with a prepaid SIM card like SpeedTalk. You’ll also want to go for an option with a decent battery life if you think your child might forget to keep the watch charged. Battery capacities of 400 to 500 mAH should yield sufficient battery life to keep it running for days at a time.Lastly, water-resistant smartwatches will greatly enhance the device’s durability, as your child is bound to get it wet in the rain or water at some point if they wear it all the time. While water-resistant devices might be slightly costlier upfront, they might pay off in the long run if it lasts for a longer time. A water resistance rating of IP67 or higher would withstand substantial water damage.Now that we have that out of the way, We’ve shortlisted the best gps tracking smartwatches in the market specifically for kids. Let’s get started shall we?

The Wizard GPS Tracking Watch Phone from iGPS features live GPS tracking, cellular voice communication, a one-touch SOS button, and safe and danger zone functionality. This covers all the basics in terms of communication with your child, and for that reason, we think this is the best option for a smartwatch for kids.

There’s no doubt that the Wizard is incredibly equipped with location-tracking capabilities: it comes with built-in Wifi, GPS Tracking, and Cellular Triangulation for the most up to date accurate location data outdoors and indoors.

Moreover, the Wizard also has a ‘SafeZone’ feature, where you can set it up to alert you when your child goes outside of predetermined safe locations. Should your child ever get lost, there’s even a feature that will guide your child home. Other noteworthy features of the Wizard is voice and text messaging, which can come in handy even for little things like letting your child know that dinner is ready. The voice calling feature is also helpful if your child needs to call you for whatever reason. It’s also water-resistant, which means it’ll likely hold up well over time against water splashes or rain.

With that said, you’ll need to subscribe to a mobile plan through iGPS which costs $14.95/month, but is well worth the cost since it includes 300 minutes talk time, unlimited SMS and unlimited GPS.You’ll need the iGPS app to set up the device, which is compatible with both Android and iOS. It’s a straightforward process to activate your device, select a service plan, and get your watch phone number all within the mobile app.As for design, the Wizard comes in 2 colorways: Black and Pink. Each design comes with a multicolored watchband, which may or may not be appealing to your child. If you’re not fond of the colors of the watch bands, iGPS sells Ring Characters, which can be attached to the bands, separately only their website. These Ring Characters can be personalized with characters and numbers, and is priced at $12.99 for a pack of 5.

While the idea of Ring Characters sounds like a novel idea, we find it less appealing compared to the other personalization options of our other smartwatches. The characters are also difficult to configure on their website, so we don’t really see this as a selling point.Lastly, iGPS also comes with fantastic technical support over the phone. Several customers on Amazon have stated that they received was great. This gives you added reassurance that you could call them if you have any questions about the device whatsoever, and they can be reached every Monday-Friday 9am-8pm from their Florida and California offices.Overall, we think the Wizard is a solid choice that doubles down on communication and safety features. You can tell that iGPS had this in mind when creating this smartwatch as they’ve left out certain gimmicky features such as games or a camera, but instead choosing to focus on safety and communication features, which is the core reason that you want to get a smartwatch for your kid in the first place.Coming in at just under $120, the Wizard might not be the cheapest option we have in this list, but isn’t the most expensive either, considering its features. We think this smartwatch warrants its price tag if you don’t see the need for video calling features, which is the only noteworthy omission for this option. Reasons to buy:– Reasonable price for its features– Minimal core features equal fewer distractions for your child– Intuitive to use– Comes with texting and voice calling capabilities– Great customer service support over the phoneReasons not to buy:– Lack of personalization options – Ring Characters are pricey and hard to configure– Lack of camera or other nifty featuresVerdict:The iGPS Kids Smartwatch is a great buy if you want a smartwatch with robust location tracking and voice call/texting capabilities. The focus on core functionality is also reflected in its price, as it comes in well below smartwatches equipped with a front-facing camera. However, if you’re looking for a smartwatch with more features, this probably isn’t the option for you.

With GPS, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the TickTalk 3 ticks every connectivity box. It also comes with a fantastic screen, coming in at a resolution of 800×480. Thanks to its 4G connectivity, this smartwatch features one of the most accurate and fast location tracking amongst other smartwatches for kids. The TickTalk can track location with 3 different modes, each with varying ranges :

LBS: 100 ft – 20 milesThanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity and its 2MP front-facing camera, the TickTalk 3 is also able to reliably do not only video calls, as it won’t consume any of your data caps while doing so. It’s only one of the few smartwatches that can pull of video-calling right.If your child doesn’t have access to WiFi at school or elsewhere, the TickTalk also comes with a free Red Pocket Sim kit, which comes in a pay-as-you-go plan. The monthly plan is only $10 which includes 500 minutes, 500 SMS and 500MB of data. 

There’s also an IP67 water resistance rating, which gives extra protection against water splashes, rain, or being dropped in water.To top it all off, the TickTalk 3 is one of the most personalizable smartwatches for kids. It has a wide range of watch faces for your kid to make their TickTalk 3 their own and comes with replaceable bands that are available in a multitude of colorful designs. The watch bands for the TickTalk is also some of the best we’ve seen, as it is made from woven nylon and is easy to put on with a hook-and-loop fastener. It’s also easy to wash and is breathable for added comfort. While the price of $14.99 per band might sound pricey, we think the beautiful designs and the quality of the band make it well worth the price.

There are also several other noteworthy features that might come in handy :Reminders – You can set up custom reminders and alarms as a way to communicate with your child other than text messages. These reminders can even be configured with icons. Some examples of reminders would be to stay hydrated, feed the pet, or come back home on time, where your child can tap the tick icon to confirm that they’ve received the reminder or completed the task. Do Not Disturb – This is a mode that stops all calls, messages and alerts from making any noise or vibration for class mode. 

Stopwatch – A simple to use stopwatch feature that might be helpful for recording lap times if your child is active in sports.

Dialing Pad – With the TickTalk app, you can allow access for the child to dial any number to make a call. This allows your child to make a call to more than just a few pre-selected contacts.In a nutshell, TickTalk 3 offers a slew of features that makes it a very compelling option if you’re looking for a more smartwatch for your child with richer features. With Wi-Fi connectivity and a front-facing camera for video calls, the TickTalk 3 is the closest to being a standalone smart cellphone but packaged into a miniaturized body to be worn on a child’s wrist. The personalization options made possible with custom watch faces and bands is also a huge selling point for the TickTalk. If your child has a preference for their favorite color or style, you’ll definitely find that exact colorway with TickTalk’s options for watch faces and replacement bands. There’s even an interactive gallery on TickTalk’s website where you can preview on their band looks like on the watch.As for customer support, TickTalk can be reached via email and phone calls between 9AM – 7PM from Monday to Saturday, so you should be able to get help if you need assistance with anything.

The price of the TickTalk 3 is steep at $189.99, but features such as 2 way calling, the ability to dial any number, personalization options, and it’s additional features more than makes up for its hefty price tag.

Reasons to buy:-Comes with every feature you could possibly need in a smartwatch-Great additional features such as Stopwatch, Reminders, Dialing Pad and Do Not Disturb-Comes with custom watch faces-Watchbands are some of the best in quality and variety-Great customer service supportReasons not to buy:– Pricey– Video calls might affect battery life– Rich features could be a distraction for your childVerdict:The TickTalk 3 is the closest you can get to a full-featured smartphone in our list, and is also one of the most customizable in terms of design. If you think your child could use the extra features and video calling capabilities, the TickTalk is a no brainer despite its above-average price tag. 

While YENISEY is not a well-known brand, it offers unbeatable value for its features. Coming in at under $50, this may be a great option if you’re on the fence about investing in a smartwatch for your kids and just want to try things out. The YENISEY Kids Smart Watch actually comes with two-way voice calling despite its rock bottom price. It comes with a front camera which is absolutely mind-boggling if you take the price into account, but it is used only for taking pictures instead of video calls. There’s even an SOS Emergency calling feature, where your child can hold down the SOS button for 3 seconds to quickly relay an emergency signal to family members. With that said, a SIM card is not included, and you’ll have to get your own from SpeedTalk. The SIM card must be equipped with GPRS and Call-ID and compatible with 2G traffic, which may or may not be viable in your area.

To check if your area is covered by SpeedTalk’s 2G network, you can do a quick Google search for their coverage map to see if your region is under the network. The SpeedTalk carrier is not supported by Verizon, Spring or AT&T, so keep this in mind before considering this option.

This smartwatch uses GPS+LBS to locate your child, which, once again, is incredible considering the price. This means that the Themoemoe smartwatch will be able to provide you live location tracking of your child so that you can track their whereabouts at any time.You’ll need the Setracker app for this to work, which you can download yourself and use the QR code behind the watch to register for an account. Additionally, this smartwatch also comes with a 1GB SD card that is not present even on more expensive options. You can use this take pictures and voice recording on the watch to be backed up on your PC.As for design, the YENISEY Kids Smart Watch has 6 colorways to choose from, but none of them look particularly trendy. While some of the colorways are slightly odd, the ones with the black strap look decent and aren’t any worse than our other options. One notable omission from this smartwatch would be a water resistance rating. This is one of the corners that have been cut to reach this low price point, and one we think is a big downgrade. However, if your child is able to keep the watch away from water or moisture, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.Since YENISEY isn’t a big brand and only sells on Amazon, one thing you’d have to consider is the lack of support. While Amazon reviews have mentioned that they’ve been able to get customer service by contacting the seller, this isn’t on par with the proper phone or email support that you can expect from bigger brands. 

Nonetheless, we think the shortcomings of this smartwatch aren’t deal-breakers, and if you’re comfortable with them, this is by far the best value for your money among all options in this list. At under $50, you really can’t go wrong with the YENISEY smartwatch.

Reasons to buy:-Comes with full-fledged features despite a low price-Incredible value for money-Comes with free SD CardReasons not to buy:– No water resistance rating– Lack of proper customer support channel– Questionable designVerdict:If you want a smartwatch that ‘just works’, or if you just want an inexpensive starter smartwatch to test the waters, you can’t go wrong with the YENISEY Kids Smart Watch. Priced at under $50, this option offers the best bang for your buck, provided you’re willing to compromise on its shortcomings such as lack of water resistance and a proper customer service channel.

Strictly speaking, Relay is not a smartwatch but if you don’t fancy the idea of giving your child a smartwatch or smartphone but still want the peace of mind that comes with it, the Relay might be the right option for you. The Relay is a small device the size of a post-it note that has 2-way voice calling capabilities like a walkie-talkie. It’s also equipped with nationwide GPS tracking and geofencing features where you will get a notification every time your child enters or leaves designated safe zones. 

The Relay also comes with a polished app where you can playback previous messages and even has a group chat option, where your child can send a message to multiple contacts at a time. 

As you could have guessed by now, this requires a SIM card to work. However, Relay offers their $9.99 monthly plan that is billed right in their app, so you don’t need to get a separate contract for this to work. It’s a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time as it isn’t locked down by a contract.

While the Relay is small and pocketable, it isn’t designed to be wearable. While Relay offers separate accessories to make this wearable on your child’s wrist, their wristbands and lanyards are priced at $19 and $15, respectively, which is expensive for what they are.

To conclude, we found the Relay to be a great option for a screenless GPS tracker for kids. The absence of a screen makes this option less of a distraction and a purpose-built tool for essential communication needs only, which might be great if your child is easily distracted. 

Coming in at $42, it’s also significantly cheaper than smartwatches, which can result in huge savings if you plan to get this for more than 1 child. On top of that, Relay is an established brand, which means you can expect a dedicated customer support team if you ever need help with your Relay. Their customer service can be reached at every Monday to Friday from 8am-10pm ET, and 9am‑5pm ET on the weekends.

Reasons to buy:-Distraction-free-Cheap-Reputable customer service support-Comes with an intuitive app that has group chat featuresReasons not to buy:– No water resistance rating– Lack of additional features– Not wearable, accessories are costlyVerdict:

If you want the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your child is without the distraction and price tag that comes with a smartwatch, the Relay is a fantastic option. With that said, Relay doesn’t claim that it is waterproof, so your child will need to keep this device out of splashes. Since it’s not meant to be worn, we don’t think this is an issue. 

Coming in at an eye-watering $499, the AngelSense might seem like an overpriced option, but it’s one of the most feature-rich GPS trackers you can buy right now. The price also comes with a 1-year subscription, which you would normally need to pay for any way at $119.99 per year. 

Like the Relay, the Angelsense is a GPS tracker and voice calling device without a screen. However, the AngelSense packs a ton more features, especially for location tracking. The AngelSense was initially developed specifically for kids with special needs, which means it has a huge focus around its location tracking features. 

The AngelSense not only has GPS tracking, but also a Live Tracking monitor in the app that gives up-to-date location updates every 10 seconds. You can also receive immediate alerts regarding your child’s location in text messages, which automatically sends you a text whenever your child is on the move. For the ultimate peace of mind, the app can even alert you if your child’s school bus makes unexpected stops, delays, or detours. 

On top of that, AngelSense is the only tracker that can accurately track transit speed so that you’re aware when your child is walking, running or in a car or bus. In fact, a customer review on Amazon even said that they’re able to tell that their child’s school was speeding thanks to AngelSense’s speed tracking capability.With the app, you’ll also be able to see a real-time map view of bus transit, routes & locations. This is such an intuitive feature that gives you more nuanced information on your child’s whereabouts. There’s also an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) tracker, where you can get an estimate on when your child will arrive at his/her destination.

The AngelSense also comes with 2-way voice calling should you need to reach your child, and there’s even a 1-way ‘listen in’ feature where you can listen through the device if your child is in an unfamiliar location. On top of that, since the AngelSense is built for kids with special needs, there are also accessories available to strap on the AngelSense device on your child with belts if they have a tendency to remove it.

Lastly, AngelSense also offers top-notch customer support with a hotline that you can call at any time. 

Reasons to buy:-Distraction-free since the device has no screen-Incredible location tracking features-Reputable customer service support-Outstanding transit tracking functionality-Options for accessories to attach the deviceReasons not to buy:– Extremely expensive– Lack of water resistance– Locked in a 1-year subscription

Verdict:The AngelSense the robust GPS tracking device on our list, but comes in a hefty price tag. With that said, this is by far the best device we’ve come across for location, and if you have the budget for it, the AngelSense is most definitely a worthy purchase.

We hope this list was helpful in making your decision. The products on this list are all amazing for their value and features – there are a ton of other sub-par products and we’ve shortlisted the best of the best. If you’re still unsure, think about what you need in a GPS tracker.

If you want a general use smartwatch with safety features, the iGPS Smartwatch and TikTalk 3 are both really good options. If you are on a budget and want to save some money, you can give the YENISEY smartwatch a try – but it isn’t as sturdy as the other two. Lastly, if for any reason at all, you don’t want the distractions that come with a smartwatch or a smartphone for your kid, opt for the Relay or AngelSense and you’ll be in good hands.

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