Load-shedding is not going anywhere soon, with Eskom still in serious trouble and the national power grid under constant strain.

After implement stage 6 load-shedding in December 2019 and recently warning municipalities to update their schedules to include stage 8 load-shedding, many South Africans are preparing for a future of regular blackouts.

There are a number of ways to mitigate the effects of load-shedding, from buying cheap power banks to installing solar panels and inverters for standalone energy generation.

The Western Cape Provincial Government published a guideline on the costs of preparing for load-shedding which gives an idea of the costs involved.

The guide is aimed at businesses and individual electricity users and provides alternatives to Eskom across a wide variety of price ranges.

This limited system includes two 100Ah 12V batteries and an inverter capable of providing 1,000W continuously and 1.2kWh.

This battery system is suitable for an average three-bedroom house where usage will be limited to a load of 480W.

It has a total of two 200 Ah 12V batteries and inverter that can provide 2,400 Watt continuously and 2.4kWh.

This option is suitable for bigger houses, small offices, and shops that want to be unaffected by load-shedding. It is limited to a load of 960W.

It has a total of four 200 Ah 12V batteries and inverter that can provide 4,000 Watt continuously and 4.8kWh.

The guideline also includes estimated costs for installing solar panels and battery systems to combat load-shedding.

“In the long term, it is better to invest in battery back-up or solar and battery back-up, rather than investing in a generator,” it said.

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“Although a generator may cost less initially, it requires diesel to operate and creates air and noise pollution.”

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