When I tested out an ab routine from former Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone Quinn two months ago, my core was in for a treat. With plank ankle taps, plank rocks, and tabletop step outs, it really did challenge my deep core in the best way. So when I saw that Alicia, who won silver in the 2008 Beijing Games during the team competition and has 10 World Championship medals, posted a new routine focused on the lower body, I just knew I had to give it a try.

Like her ab workout I reviewed, this one is also a routine you can do anywhere (I did it at home in my bedroom, no less). Alicia didn't list the exercises in her June 29 Instagram, but she provided POPSUGAR with the appropriate names of each. She captioned the post with hashtags like #mybuttisalreadysore and #yourewelcome, and she calls it a "sneaky booty/core burn." After doing it, I mainly classify it as a butt workout — and I explain why later on.

Directions: Perform three sets of 30 seconds for each exercise, making sure that you do both sides for the moves that require it. Below, you'll see exactly how I did each exercise.

Don't forget to cool down afterward with some lower body stretches. You can watch Alicia demonstrate each exercise in the Instagram above (and ahead). To add difficulty to that fifth move, she said you can do a regular plank instead of one where your bottom knee is on the ground. I personally didn't choose this more advanced version because, well, you'll see. Keep reading to check out my thoughts about the workout.

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